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 Intro & Part One of Chapter One


Intro: Trabeff- A series of man-made & natural catastrophes over a period of two-hundred years has caused sea levels to rise, fresh water poisoning, atomic nuclear wasteland, shortage of food, shortage of natural resources. Manufacturing and industry have been severely compromised. Two strongholds of civilization have held on to technology and resources, while the people in outlying areas have slipped back into almost ancient ways. Each area's level of advancement has become dependent upon their ability to adapt and what type of resources they have available. A stronghold known as NORAD (a building from early 2,000's that they've lost the name for) is a stronghold built into a mountain surrounded and protected by a range of mountains. It is a huge military center for the civilization of Norad and supplies the resources. This stronghold is located in ancient Colorado. The next very large stronghold is located in ancient Siberia and is called Macarov. The area around the stronghold and the Macarov civilization is grassy and very open. This stronghold is also the largest military base in eastern Trabeff.

Chapter One.

June 17th, Vacant Wasteland, NORAD 2289

Sudros Arkalian was sitting at full attention in the AHV (Advanced Hovering Vehicle) while watching the vacant wasteland below.
"30 Seconds till jump," yelled the pilot.
Sudros jumped up and slid the door open. He was the main jumper for Unit 49 of the Alpha Rescue Squad.
"10 Seconds," yelled the pilot.
Sudros looked under him and checked his parachute one last time, then he jumped as the pilot turned to look at him. He pulled his aero-wing string and soared. His helmet blasted in his head, 1500 feet, 1000 feet... he pulled his chute. He turned his attention to the ground below him and his helmet showed a red box under an avalanche of snow. Sudros landed, rolled, and grabbed his gear, then he was quickly gaining ground up the mountain with his snowshoes on. He grabbed his Powerdig and located the survivor. Starting up the machine, Sudros calculated the wind, and dug carefully where the heat signature indicated that the survivor should rest. The snow erupted from the hole that the Powerdig excavated in no time. He carefully reached the survivor, insured that he was still breathing, then hooked him up to the line and got him to the AHV. As Sudros got back inside, the medic was already using the Trasaplax System to keep the survivor alive. They landed at NORAD stronghold and were rushed to a Medivac.
"Good work," said the pilot as he clapped Sudros on the back.
Sudros nodded and said "It's our job."