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The Faerie Land


First Chapter

    "Mom, why haven't we ever seen Grandpa and Grandma other than this week?"  asked Alex, as he did 5 times before.  "Alex, hunny, your Grandparents aren't very close to us, but they were our last people to watch over you kids."  said Jess's and Alex's mom.  "And," added their dad, "It's not like we're going to have much fun in Turkey with your aunt and uncle anyway."  Jess just stared out the window, only hoping the car ride would be over soon.  She always wondered what her dad's mom and dad were like. Soon 45 minutes passed, and they headed up a dirt path to their Grandparents house. Many signs passed saying 'Do not enter!' or 'Beware of people living here!' and many more continuing.  The car reached a open gravel area.  As everyone climbed out of the car, Jess's dad opened the trunk and grabbed the kid's bags.  The children looked around and gasped,"This place is amazing!"  Jess saw the trees in perfect shape, all the flowers beautiful, blooming, and healthy, and everything seemed to be in perfect condition.  Her Grandparents walked out of the house and greeted them.  "Welcome everyone to the Blooming Household." said Grandma.  She led the family all into the living room, almost as grand and glorious as the outside space.  "This place is beautiful" said Jess, still amazed by the beauty everywhere.  "We try to keep it at its greatest." said Grandpa.  As Jess's Mom and Dad said their thanks to their Grandparents, another person walked into the living room.  In a British accent, she introduced herself as Becka.  She says "Welcome to the Blooming Household.  I am very pleased to see you here!  My job here is a groundskeeper, or a simple chef."  As Becka is talking Jess dazes out.  She again, is amazed by everything here.  Jess also is looking at Becka's amazing beauty. Her hair a sandy brown, her eyes a sparkling blue.  When Jess comes back to reality her parents are saying their farewells.  "'Bye kiddo's! We'll see you really soon!"  And their parents take off.

Second Chapter

    "Well then, let's settle some things now that your parents are gone."  Grandpa says while clapping his hands.  "First rule: No going into the forest.  It's an unsafe place.  Second rule: Feed the lizard everyday.  Third rule: Try to have fun here and follow the rules here, I'm being nice not having many rules.  Now, go clean up and get ready for dinner, after, you guys can unpack."  With Jess and Alex saying okay, they head up to their attic bedroom, set down their bags, and wash up for dinner.  They have a wonderful dinner, with chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  They then head up to bed.   As they change and settle down into their beds, Alex looks out the window.  "Whoa! Jess look at this!"  Jess races over to the window and see's tiny blue objects that seem to be sparkles flying around outside.  "That's beautiful! What are they though?"  Alex replies " I have no clue, but I'm asking Grandpa in the morning." "Well, I guess I'll ask Becka then"  Alex gets back into bed and drifts off to sleep fast.  Meanwhile, Jess stays up and watches the blue spots.  She whispers to herself "These are amazing!  But then again, so is everything else.  How though?  Wouldn't it be a lot of work to maintain by themselves?  They have a lot of space to take care of."  Jess climbs back into her bed.  She thinks to herself 'So many things to ask about,  and lot's of time to ask.'

Third Chapter

    Jess sits on a patio chair.  She thinks about the morning events.  She had a wonderful breakfast, and asked about the blue sparkles.  From what Becka said, the blue sparkles were Midnight Moths that glow brightly.  Jess had asked if the Midnight Moths were rare.  From what Jess got as an answer before Becka had to leave to go clean up for breakfast, the Midnight Moths were very rare.  In fact, Grandpa said the Blooming Household was the only place to have them.  That made Jess even more curious about the Midnight Moths.  Jess waited for Alex, so that the two of them could compare answers.  Alex comes outside and sits next to Jess.  She says "Well, what did Grandpa say?!?" Alex answers "He called them Midnight Moths, and said that their really rare.  But other than that, not that much."  Jess sighs "I really got the same thing.  But Grandpa told me that this place is the only place to have the Midnight Moths."  "That's just making me more curious..."Alex says sadly.  Jess walks off the back porch and into the backyard.  She looks around, runs back to the attic bedroom, changes into her swimsuit, and runs back outside and jumps into the pool.  She dives beautifully and pops back out.  After swimming for a while, Jess gets out again and sits on a stone bench outside.  She looks at the dragonflies and butterflies flying around gracefully in the air.  She says to herself "I wonder where Alex is."  Jess calls out Alex's name but he doesn't answer.  Confused she walks back to the house.  She asks Becka if she could get her clothes and a towel.  Becka says okay, and heads off to the attic bedroom.  Once Jess changes she walks into the living room and see's three people.  She walks over to Becka and Grandma, yet doesn't recognize the other person.  "Oh Jess! Meet Aaron.  He's a friend of your Grandpa's and he'll be living here for the week too!" says Grandma.  "Nice to meet you Jess." says Aaron is a quiet yet flowing voice.  "Nice to meet you too Aaron.  It's a pleasure." says Jess, hoping this week will never end.  

Fourth Chapter

    Alex walks around in the forest, with his safety pack.  A Ziploc bag with a flashlight, matches, Swiss Army Knife, magnifying glass, and a bottle of water.  "Wow.  Who would've ever thought a little boy would be searching the woods all alone." says a voice in a dark way.  "Uhh. Uhh... It- it's m-m-m-me Alex. I-i-i-I'm just searching the w-w-w-woods. T-t-t-trying to have some f-f-fun." says Alex, scared of the voice. It seemed to be talking in a sly voice, whatever it is.  "Indeed it seems that way." the voice stops for a pause then speaks again with another voice "WELCOME TO THE WOODS MAN!!!!!!"  Alex jumps so high off the ground he hits a few branches above him with his head. When he comes back down, Alex looks around for the two voices.  Only seeing two lizards Alex walks fast back to the house.  Before heading in the house though, he see's a silver pail with dragonflies and butterflies all around it.  He walks carefully over to the pail.  Inside it is misty water.  Full of wonder, he drips his hand in and takes a sip. Eyes wide open he runs fast into the house, and pulls Jess back into the yard with him to the pail.  "Jess! Jess! Drink the water Jess!!!!" Alex says fast pulling her over to the pail.  "Alex what the heck!?!  What are you doing!!??!!  Alex slow down and tell me without yelling. You don't want to scare away the dragonflies and butterflies do you?" Jess says calmly and curiously.  Alex tells her to again drink the misty water.  As Jess takes a sip of it, Grandpa walks over to them.  "Well well well.  Guess it's time to let you guys know about the Blooming Household..."

Fifth Chapter

    Everyone gathers up in Grandpa's office.  "I have to say, I thought you kids wouldn't figure it out.  A lot of your other cousins haven't.  Blooming Household is home to fantsay creatures of the world."  Jess sits quiet for a second, then says "You mean like Fairies and Mermaids and other things too?  Like the ones in story books?"  Alex mutters something quietly.  Becka looks at him "What did you say Alex???"  Again Alex says " Like talking things? Maybe like lizards?"  Grandpa shakes his head yes.  Alex looks down at the floor and doesn't speak up again for a while.  "So," says Becka with a smile "You guys now know to see the faeries you have to drink the misty water.  But, don't drink the ones the faeries have."  Jess says "But Becka, you just said faeries, not fairies."  Grandma says "Jess, these faeries are different.  They're not the regular fairies.  These are special ones."  With Jess and Alex both saying "Ohhh." and "Ahhh." Becka handed both of them a glass of the misty water.  Both of them drink up and Jess walks outside with Aaron at her side.  He had a glass of the misty water too. "Pretty sweet huh?" says Aaron.  Jess says "Yeah, it's pretty cool."  She puts her red, curly hair into a messy ponytail.  Her bright green eyes look around at the yard, seeing all the different faeries.  Jess says "It's a hot day out, but I'm willing to stay out and look at all the different faeries."  Aaron replies "Yeah, but it's kinda cool how they're Faeries not Fairies.  It sounds different too!"  "Yeah."  They both sit down on a stone bench and look at the different faeries.  Jess see's a orange faerie with black splatters on it's wings along with the orange.  Aaron see's a blue and green one gracefully dancing around in the air. He points it out the Jess and both of them start laughing as the faerie dances with a dead leaf.  Jess thinks to herself 'How could this get any better?'

Sixth Chapter

    "Grandpa?"  "Yes Alex?"  "Can we go explore in forest? I mean, I would have an adult with me to watch over me." "Sure Alex, but you better have Becka go with you. Let Aaron and your sister come too."  With Alex saying okay, he go's outside to get Aaron and Jess, with Becka at his side.  Becka says "You wanna see a Mermaid Household?"  They all agree and let Becka take the lead.  As they all walk, Becka is talking about how she was a mermaid before too.  " I was a mermaid, a happy one at that too. But I met a person, someone who I fell in love with deeply.  His name was Henry Gates.  He always came on a boat into the water near the waterfall to see the Mermaids, only he had a favorite one.  He always came back day after day.  We both fell in love, I became human and we married.  Yet, he's long gone. Died of old age."  Nobody else talked on the way to the Mermaid Household.  When they reached the gate of the Mermaid Household, Becka said "Be warned though, the Mermaids may like you, or they may not.  Don't get too close to them if they don't like you.  They tend to drown people for fun.  But without further wait, I present you to the Mermaid Household" and she opens the gate.  Faeries float around in the sky.  They trees have white lanterns hanging on them.  A quiet waterfall fills the pond for where the Mermaids live.  Lily pads fill the pond every now and then.  There is a cafe table with two wooden chairs around it.  "Whoa...This is beautiful.  It's...It's amazing!" says Jess and Aaron at the same time.  Both look at each other and smile.  Alex walks over to the pond and whistles. "Wow.  It's pretty.  Gorgeous." says Alex.  "Awwh, well thanks. But you better say something about the Mermaids too, they might get jealous."  Alex looks around and  realizes it's coming from the water. He looks down and see's a Mermaid.