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The Warrior Plot


    You've probably heard some Greek myths and legends but you've never heard one like this.  This story is no myth.  Forever, your view on the Greek Gods and Goddesses will change.  They do not just sit around on Mount Olympus looking at the humans below.  Wars come between them regularly.  When you have a thunderstorm coming, or a hurricane, those are Zeus and Posiden having an a physical disagreement.  We're sure you've never heard of Styx and Ares coming together to overpower Zeus and Mount Olympus.  So now we're here to tell you our experience of saving the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Our Greeting
Amphitrite and Hephaestus

    Greetings Non-Gods.  It is a pleasure to finely be able to tell this adventure.  My daughter Luna and Hephaestus's son Lucas will be able to tell this story first handed since they saved Mount Olympus.  Not for them to take all the pride though, we Gods and Goddesses helped them too.  I am Amphitrite, the Goddess of the Sea, and Hephaestus is the God of Fire.  We are here to tell you some of the Ares and Styx story, as our children will be doing the same.

The Beginning
Luna and Lucas

    Hey guys!  Luna here. You probably already know Lucas and I from my mom's greeting.  But she just covered the basics.  We had to go through a lot of nasty stuff to save Mount Olympus.  We got some help from some of the Gods and Goddesses.  Most of the main Gods and Goddesses didn't even realize Ares and Styx were trying to take over Mount Olympus.  Oh!  I completely forgot.  You guys probably don't know who Styx is.  Styx is the Goddess of the underworld river.  And you may know Ares is the God of war.  
    This is Lucas and I'm going to start the adventure for you.  Luna and I were at Half-God camp and we were doing archery when we saw the Main House light up.  All campers know when the main house lights up that you are to report to it.  It was late in the afternoon so I was a little confused.  I had a bad feeling about the announcement about to be made.  We knew we had to go there, so we dropped our bows and left for the house.  "Lucas and Luna to the Main House, all other campers head to dinner." Luna and I glanced at each other with a confused look.  With one last look behind us, we ran to the Main House. When we came inside we were surprised to see our parents talking to Dionysus, the main camp counselor. When they noticed us in the doorway they stopped conversation and said "We would like to speak to you two outside please." We obeyed and moved outside with them.  We were all kind of looking at each other when Amphitrite finally spoke up. "I have noticed that the underworld river Styx is gaining power at a extremely fast rate. When I told Hephaestus about this, he said that Ares has been ripping off people for lots of power."

The Mission

Amphitrite and Hephaestus

    "If us Gods and Goddesses did anything, Ares would notice.  Since you are Half-Gods he won't notice if you do anything.  We do not have the power, like I said before to do anything.  We are going to try to contact Zeus to look over Ares and Styx.  Until then we are going to ask you to take caution.  We have no clue where this might start, or end."

    We left the camp after warning our children and headed to Mount Olympus.  When we got there we spoke with Zeus and told him what we told our children.  "I will look over the case, although I am sure Ares is on a power spurt" said Zeus.  We left satisfied and soon got a parchment from Zeus saying Ares was just on a power spurt and had nothing to do with Styx.  Styx is part of the Underworld, so Zeus had no say over what she does.  After the letter though, I continued feeling Ares power up.  This was not just a power spurt.  Amphitrite and I headed back to the Half-God camp.  We needed our children to take down Ares and Styx.  After talking to Dionysus to gather up our children we gave them permission to head to the Underworld and defeat Ares and Styx, whatever they were doing.

Heading To The Underworld
Luna and Lucas
    Lucas and I packed our bags and headed to Mount Olympus and found our parents and Artemis, Athena, and Apollo.  Our parents had already talked to them so we didn't need to explain our story.  Going up to Posiden and asking for some help on our mission would be like going to a Non-God and asking for a million dollars. "I am willing to share my secret passageway to the Underworld after seeing the proof. So here you go" Athena said while handing us a map.  Artemis and Apollo both walked up to us. "We will be with you along the journey. We can fight with you and protect you along the way."  So that was it, we all got up and looked at each other. Our parents thanked Athena, Artemis, and Apollo and left. Athena said she would pray to Artemis if we needed help, then she left too. Artemis and Apollo took us with them to a Roman City far beneath Mount Olympus.  After getting to the secret passageway, night was rising.  Lucas started the fire, he seems to be good with fire really well.  Artemis brought some meat and dried apples back from the forest.  We had two tents, one from Lucas and Apollo, another for Artemis and I.  I sat by the fire, wondering when this would end.  Right as I started humming, Apollo comes out with a lyre and starts playing with my tone.  I said "Shhhhh! Your going to make Ares find us!"  With saying sorry and getting back into his tent I climbed into my tent with Artemis, and all of us fell asleep.

    When Luna and I woke up the next morning we packed up and set off in the secret passageway.  With Luna handling the map and the water to keep up energy, whenever we stopped for the night I would handle the fire.  We moved quickly and went deeper into the chamber.  Soon we landed at a fork and the corner of the map had been shriveled up.  It was near the end of the passageway so we couldn't look at the other side of the map either.  Luna stood and started mumbling about this and that and even laid on the ground for a minute. "Go left" she ordered, and that we did knowing she could feel the Styx river. We came to another halt at a door and looked at the map.  There was a combination written and we soon figured out how to open the door.  When we did there was extreme amounts of heat and we were forced to close the door again.  Artemis was instantly praying to Amphitrite for help of her water and received an answer fast.  "She said there's no use, it's a volcano." Luna said "Would there be anything way to turn around the combination to protect us in the volcano or something?" A gigantic booming voice replies "NEVER!"

The Fight
Luna and Lucas

    We all drop to the floor as the voice boomed.  Apollo whispered "Oh no.  Ares."  I realized that Ares could tell Artemis and Apollo were down in the passageway.  I started praying to my mom, but it suddenly got cut.  There was an instant crack and Ares was standing in front of us.  "Oh Luna, no praying to your mom now sweetheart" said Ares with a smirk.  We all got up off the floor and wiped off the dirt.  I glanced at Lucas and saw him glancing at me also.  I looked over at Artemis and Apollo and saw them very slowly locking their arrows into their bows.  I looked back over at Ares, and looked at him dead in the eye.  "Took you this long to find us? Sad."  With that said all of us realized it was fighting time.  I touched my chain necklace with a jewel sword on it and suddenly I had chains and a sword in my hands.  Apollo and Artemis were shooting at Ares and he was jumping and throwing spears at Artemis and Apollo because they were the elders.  Lucas was shooting small fireballs at Ares and I was swinging my chain and running toward him with my sword.  Apollo fumbled with a arrow in his hands and was pinned down.  With a grunt and a small kick, Ares left him for later while swinging towards Artemis. He was maybe two seconds away when she got a arrow through his armor. He staggered backwards clutching  his chest and Lucas shot a fireball at his head and caught his hair on fire.  He screamed in pain and I ran toward him bravely with my sword.  He kicked me in the chest and I flew back. He put out the fire and left the passageway with a wound in his chest. Artemis ran to Apollo and Lucas ran to me.  "You looked like a titaness out there Luna" he said smiling.  "Thanks. You too, well a titan with fire-power" we both laughed. Apollo got up unharmed except a bruise.  I also had a huge bruise that was black and blue.  "That was a close one guys" said Artemis

The Meeting
Amphitrite and Hephaestus

    So, the story goes on.  The children, Artemis, and Apollo tried putting the combination in backwards to try to protect them.  It did not work sadly.  So they headed back and went right at the fork where Luna told them to go left.  They turned right and went through a tunnel lit by torches. They continued going down the tunnel until they reached an end where there was a massive door with a imprinted head of Styx. They checked the map, yet no other combination was on there. So the kids suggested to do to the same combination.  They tried, and it worked!  They walked through a dark path with the help of Lucas's fire lighting torches.  Luna noticed a  black small key stuck in one of the walls in the tunnel.  With cutting it out and sticking it in her pocket they all continue walking down the tunnel.  They reach a door with one lock that fits the key.  Lucas puts the key in and opens the door.

    They find themselves on a small opening to a sprial staircase.  With Artemis and Apollo heading up the stairs first, Lucas and Luna followed with weapons ready.  They got to the top of the staircase and there of course was a door at the top.  On the door was the face of Medusa.  It was just stone, but still it looked plenty real.   Lucas presses his thumb to Medusa's left eye and pressed his other thumb to Medusa's right eye.  The snakes around her head started sliding and the door unlocked with a click.  After heading through the door they all come to a small bridge and a tunnel on the other side.  Luna starts coughing hard, but then quits.  Apollo prays to Athena and asks if they all should cross the bridge.  She replies yes, and says they should go one at a time.  So Artemis heads over with caution and makes it just fine.  Apollo goes without difficulty, then Lucas heads over fine.  Luna heads onto the bridge and starts walking slowly to the other side.  Right as she's about to step on land again, the bridge breaks.  As the bridge and Luna falls, Luna screams loudly and at last minute Luna grabs for a branch sticking out of the side where Lucas, Artemis, and Apollo are.  She pulls up her other arm and holds onto the branch for dear life.  Before Luna started screaming, Lucas loudly yelled "LUNA! NO!!!" and ran over to the edge.  Luna looked up and saw Lucas holding out his hand to her.  He says "Luna, grab onto my hand now.  Don't refuse, grab onto it now Luna!" Luna reached out her right hand and firmly grabbed Lucas's hand.  Out of the blue, a very strong hand grabbed Luna's other hand and pulls her up to the land.  She looks at who brought her up and realizes it was Zeus.  "Zeus? I thought you wouldn't help us...You thought Ares was having a power spurt!" says Artemis, showing her confusion in her face.  "I save this Half-God and the first thing you say is 'You thought Ares was having a power spurt!' I don't even get a polite 'Thank you Zeus'?" says Zeus with an unreadable  expression.  "Thank you Zeus! You saved her life, but you thought Ares was having a power spurt" says Apollo, irritated.    "Thanks Zeus" said Luna in a quiet voice.  She goes over the tunnel with Lucas.  They both head in as Apollo, Artemis, and Zeus all start arguing.  

The Flaw In The Plan
Luna and Lucas

    "Thanks Lucas, you sort of saved me" I said, embarrassed still about the bridge falling.  I glanced over at Lucas and saw his face bright red.  My face was probably bright red too.  We walked to the end of the tunnel without saying anything.  I looked at the tunnel end and both Lucas and I looked at each other at the same time.  We ran out of the tunnel and yelled at the same time "ARTEMIS, APOLLO, ZEUS COME IN THE TUNNEL NOW!" We both run back into the tunnel and reach the end.  We walked out of the tunnel and reached the Underworld.

    "There's the Styx river!" said Luna very excited.  I could tell she was excited without her even saying that, she was by water again.  Then suddenly we all looked straight ahead.  There was a bridge again.  Luna's eyes get very, very wide.  I say "I think Luna should go first, so that it doesn't bear all of our weight then her's."  Luna looks back at me with frightened eyes and slowly walks over the bridge.  She makes it fine.  After all of us get over it fine we walk to the Styx river.  Then Styx arrives.

Your over Styx and Ares
Amphitrite and Hephaestus

    "Welcome, to my lovely river, dears" says Styx is a sly voice, with a smirk.  "Styx, not even Posiden could call this river lovely," says Luna in a fierce voice.  "Ohhh ohhh ohhh! Little girl has some words doesn't she! Well sweetie, your Mom isn't going to save you now! You can't even pray to her down here sweetie" replies Styx, using the same tone.  She then quickly turned and motioned with her finger towards the water and flicked her wrist towards the group.  A huge wave of water came  in almost a perfect formation. Luna turned and made a pushing motion towards the wave coming their way. Ninety percent of the wave vanished magically, and Lucas made a circle of flame. The remainder of the wave put out the fire.  Luna then made another pushing motion towards Styx, and Lucas made a string of firebolts. Artemis and Apollo were shooting underworld creatures. And Zeus and Ares were fighting.

    Then Athena, Amphitrite, and myself showed up, and we helped clean up everything. Posiden then showed up, and put out the Styx river.  Everything was well once again. Zeus banished Ares (his own son) and Styx from Mount Olympus until further notice.  Zeus apologized for not believing them even when he felt the truthfulness.  I believe now Non-Gods this story is coming to an end. We will let Luna and Lucas finish up and tell you about the magical thing that happened that day.

The Ending
Luna and Lucas

    Oh wow, this story ended really fast.  Maybe more to come!  That day, an amazing thing happened........Lucas and I got our powers!  I got my mom's water powers and I'm able to shoot water everywhere (which is really unfair in a water fight!  So, don't challenge me.  You will lose), and I can block water walls with more water if that makes any sense.  Lucas got his Dad's fire powers and he's able to start fires wherever (which again is really good in and way and bad in a way because he can make fires to warm you up or fires to kill you), he can also shoot really big fireballs.  So, we often surprise each other.  He's good on sneaking up on people...Not a good thing.  I guess our story ends here.  Don't expect this story to be put in the newspaper or anything, but it's about time you guys were told this amazing (and terrifying)story.  Don't walk on bridges last though.  Bye!