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The Warrior Plot WAY Early!

Posted by Levi King on April 9, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Warrior Plot by BurnItWriting is already done! The full edited version is under our writing please view!!

Thanks for looking!

Posted by Levi King on April 6, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

We are new authors and we are glad to present introductions of our first two books The Warrior Plot and The Faerie Land to all readers on our website and on www.booksie.com. So here you go readers!

The Warrior Plot-

You've probably heard some Greek myths and legends but you've never heard one like this. This story is no myth. Forever, your view on the Greek Gods and Goddesses will change. They do not just sit around on Mount Olympus looking at the humans below. Wars come between them regularly. When you have a thunderstorm coming, or a hurricane, those are Zeus and Posiden having an a physical disagreement. We're sure you've never heard of Styx and Ares coming together to overpower Zeus and Mount Olympus. So now we're here to tell you our experience of saving the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

The Faerie Land-

"Mom, why haven't we ever seen Grandpa and Grandma other than this week?" asked Alex, as he did 5 times before. "Alex, hunny, your Grandparents aren't very close to us, but they were our last people to watch over you kids." said Jess's and Alex's mom. "And," added their dad, "It's not like we're going to have much fun in Turkey with your aunt and uncle anyway." Jess just stared out the window, only hoping the car ride would be over soon. She always wondered what her dad's mom and dad were like. Soon 45 minutes passed, and they headed up a dirt path to their Grandparents house. Many signs passed saying 'Do not enter!' or 'Beware of people living here!' and many more continuing. The car reached a open gravel area. As everyone climbed out of the car, Jess's dad opened the trunk and grabbed the kid's bags. The children looked around and gasped,"This place is amazing!" Jess saw the trees in perfect shape, all the flowers beautiful, blooming, and healthly, and everything seemed to be in perfect condition. Her Grandparents walked out of the house and greeted them. "Welcome everyone to the Blooming Household." said Grandma. She led the family all into the living room, almost as grand and glorious as the outside space. "This place is beautiful" said Jess, still amazed by the beauty everywhere. "We try to keep it at its greatest." said Grandpa. As Jess's Mom and Dad said their thanks to their Grandparents, another person walked into the living room. In a British accent, she introduced herself as Becka. She says "Welcome to the Blooming Household. I am very pleased to see you here! My job here is a groundskeeper, or a simple chef." As Becka is talking Jess dazes out. She again, is amazed by everything here. Jess also is looking at Becka's amazing beauty. Her hair a sandy brown, her eyes a sparkling blue. When Jess comes back to reality her parents are saying their farewells. "'Bye kiddo's! We'll see you really soon!" And their parents take off.